Teenz college

In the past eight weeks Anne van den Hurk, Jules Ubachs, Charlotte van Elburg, Nils Lindl, Dustin Bessems, Floor Heusschen, Roos van Marle, Kaatje Savelkoul and I participated in Teenzcollege. Teenzcollege is a project of Maastricht University for students in secondary education. It’s a pre-college and enables students to acquire a first taste of what it is like to study at a university. During this course we visited six different faculties of Maastricht University. Every Tuesday afternoon we got a lecture from a professor of one of the six faculties. The common theme of the lectures was World War II. The course paid special attention to the Stumbling Stones initiative. Stumbling Stones are small gold cobblestones that serve as memorials for an individual victim of Nazism. During our first meeting we took a Stumbling Stones Walk and visited all memorials placed in Maastricht. With the Second World War as common theme, the professors gave us a lecture explaining why their profession had something to do with the Second World War. During our visit to the School of Business and Economics we talked about the economic crisis before the Second World War and when visiting the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences we learned more about the genetic differences between races. After each lecture we discussed the new information in small Problem Based Learning groups. This means that we learned and processed the new information in an active way by discussing it. Besides pupils from our school, there where children from Aachen, Maastricht, Weert and Heerlen. In the PBL groups we were all mixed together. Each PBL group had their own tutors. They led the discussion and guided us during our process of learning. My tutors were Wies and Lieveke. All tutors are students of Maastricht University. After six very interesting lectures, it was time for our own research. We split up in groups of 6 pupils and used our new knowledge to do an experiment. My experiment was about the way you are influenced on an everyday basis without even realizing it. My group researched whether people are more likely to turn off the light on the toilet when it is on or off before they come in. Last week was the closing ceremony of Teenzcollege, where we presented the results of our experiment. All participants got a real certificate that was handed out by the Rector Magnificus. In the end, I think the Teenzcollege project was a great opportunity to improve my English, experience Maastricht University and make new friends!

Siri Zomerplaag

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